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mBlock 3

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mBlock 3

A block-based programming software compatible with Arduino

Based on Scratch 2.0 | Extensive hardware support | From block- to text-based

programming languages | Supports multiple operating systems | Rich instruction materials

Based on Scratch 2.0


Mastering programming is now as easy as combining building blocks. By dragging code blocks into the editing area and combining them, you can easily create fun games, stories, and animations.

Extensive hardware support


mBlock 3 interacts with Makeblock controller boards and other Arduino-based hardware, allowing users to easily create interactive hardware applications.

From block- to text-based programming languages


You can see your block-based code translated into Arduino C code in real-time. This makes learning to code in traditional text-based languages more intuitive and therefore easier to learn.

Supports multiple operating systems

mBlock supports macOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, and

browser-based programming with no requirement for locally installing the software.

Rich instruction materials


Get started-guides, multi-language courses and STEAM teaching resources are available for free.