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DIY Platform

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DIY Platform

Programmable mechanical building block platform

300+ mechanical parts | 100+ electronic modules | 20+ creative kits | Many parts, one interface

No coding experience required with block-based programming | Compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi

300+ mechanical parts for building thousands of inventions


Whether you need a motor, steering gear, tools and fasteners, or structural parts, the DIY platform has it all. Going from idea to invention has never been this easy.

100+ electronic modules for advanced creativity


The combination of programmable main boards, a variety of sensors, motor drive modules, display and communication modules, RJ25 cables, and numerous mechanical blocks means that you can quickly build inventions of your own design.

20+ creative kits make creation fun and easy

3D printers, laser engraving machines, transportation robots,

and music machines are just a few examples of the many things that you can build with the DIY platform.

Many parts, one interface


The parts that make up the DIY platform are built from a hard-wearing aluminum alloy coated in the iconic makeblock blue. All parts feature the same standardized screw nut connection that are also compatible with LEGO and industry-standard parts, so that you can choose from all of them to assemble your project. Modules are color-coded according to their functionality and effortlessly connected with RJ25 cables.

No coding experience required with block-based programming


Makeblock’s block-based programming software lets you simply drag and drop command blocks to program your DIY projects. This way, it gives beginner coders a uniquely entertaining learning experience.